The expectations (and hopes) on innovation are high. Managers, consultants, and politicians expect (or hope) innovation will deliver solutions to increased competition and shrinking state budgets. When innovation is a top agenda item it becomes even more important to get the facts right – to make sure that the solutions developed are feasible, effective and, […]


Amidst the gloom and doom of the early months of the Covid-19 crisis, something surprisingly uplifting started to happen: Companies began to come together to work openly at an unprecedented level, putting the ability to create value before the opportunity to make a buck […] Read more

“Finding digital talent is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. But it’s particularly difficult for large, traditional firms, especially those which operate in consolidated, non-growth industries (think pulp and paper, steel, airlines) and which are often located away from the metropolitan areas where data scientists live.” Read more.

Our team at Chalmers is running Born Global – an accelerator program for ambitious Swedish startups. It’s a great experience for startups – and for us! Check it out:

After seven fantastic years in the group of Georg von Krogh I am leaving ETH Zurich. I am joining Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden as a professor of innovation management at Chalmers’ Center for Business Innovation. I think this will be great!!

Last year Steve Denning wrote a great piece in Forbes on the limits of industry structure as a predictor of competitive advantage. In a recent article co-authored with Fredrik Hacklin and Boris Battistini I follow up on this important message and discuss the limits of industry-centered strategic thinking in an era of convergence. Drawing on […]

More and more companies are learning about the benefits of working with open source software (OSS). What few realize, however, are the challenges associated with adopting a new way of software development. In a recent paper by Oliver Alexy, Joachim Henkel and myself (just accepted in Research Policy), we analyze the effects OSS has on […]

Sure, I know that anyone can set up a blog and participate in boundary-spanning knowledge exchange. For the better of everyone… [sic]. After struggling with WordPress I realize that I should have either outsourced most of the work or asked for help. Pride makes you slow.