The expectations (and hopes) on innovation are high. Managers, consultants, and politicians expect (or hope) innovation will deliver solutions to increased competition and shrinking state budgets. When innovation is a top agenda item it becomes even more important to get the facts right – to make sure that the solutions developed are feasible, effective and, […]

Our team at Chalmers is running Born Global – an accelerator program for ambitious Swedish startups. It’s a great experience for startups – and for us! Check it out:

After seven fantastic years in the group of Georg von Krogh I am leaving ETH Zurich. I am joining Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden as a professor of innovation management at Chalmers’ Center for Business Innovation. I think this will be great!!

Last year Steve Denning wrote a great piece in Forbes on the limits of industry structure as a predictor of competitive advantage. In a recent article co-authored with Fredrik Hacklin and Boris Battistini I follow up on this important message and discuss the limits of industry-centered strategic thinking in an era of convergence. Drawing on […]

More and more companies are learning about the benefits of working with open source software (OSS). What few realize, however, are the challenges associated with adopting a new way of software development. In a recent paper by Oliver Alexy, Joachim Henkel and myself (just accepted in Research Policy), we analyze the effects OSS has on […]

Sure, I know that anyone can set up a blog and participate in boundary-spanning knowledge exchange. For the better of everyone… [sic]. After struggling with WordPress I realize that I should have either outsourced most of the work or asked for help. Pride makes you slow.