About me

I am a professor at Chalmers University of Technology’s Department of Technology Management and Economics. One could say that my research focuses on the organizational and motivational implications of open innovation, but I am curious about any emerging phenomena that intersect technology, innovation and organization. My primary interests rest with the challenges companies face when they open up their innovation process to include outside stakeholders. For example, my research covers innovation intermediation in the chemical industry, proactive diagnosis of client problems in the professional service industry and practice-based motivation in open source software development. I think innovation is best understood as a process of recombination that spans – and breaks – boundaries. Such perspective prompts me to analyze organizational and motivational challenges that arise as the interests of individuals, firms and communities collide. And to find practical remedies to these challenges. Read more under Publications!

Together with my colleagues at Chalmers I run Born Global, an accelerator program for high-potential Swedish startups. I am a co-founder of the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe at Chalmers, a sister organization to the Boston-based Center for Higher Ambition Leadership.

In addition to my main affiliation with Chalmers, I am a faculty member at ETH Zurich, Switzerland and a research fellow at the Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology (IMIT), Sweden. Connect with me: email, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Martin Wallin


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